Adsense, YPN, Chitika, and FeedBurner News

OK, what's going on? It seems like in the past few days, there has been a flurry of activities from Yahoo, Google, and others. Today, Google announced their new video ads on their blog. If you opt into image ads, you will be opted into video ads as well. Though this doesn't mean video ads will run on your site. The video ads will use the following formats: 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 336×280 Large Rectangle, or 250×250 Square. Hmmm. Since I've started running 3 ad units on some of my sites, I noticed my sites take longer to load. Now, with the video (and Flash) ads, my sites will slow down even more. I might have to decrease the number of ad units and/or go back to text-only ads.

Today, Yahoo posted their guidelines for ads. I didn't really see anything new, but the post seems to have ticked off a few publishers. I'm still waiting for YPN to offer alternate ads to show when there's no relevant ads. The site looks bad when there's a big blank area above your content.

Also today, FeedBurner upgraded their free service. FeedBruner now offers historical subscriber tracking. This means you can see how many subscribers you have today compared to a week ago. The data only goes back to May 18th. When I was playing with it, it appears the detailed data actually only goes back to May 19th. FeedBurner also launched their Live Hits today. Now you can see a listing of the last 25 hits to your feed displayed by date, time and user agent.

Still today, Darren over at ProBlogger blogged about Chitika's CNET Co-branded eMiniMalls units. It sounds like the ad pool will be deeper and possibly mean more money for publishers. I don't think this will make a difference for me unless the ads cover areas that are not being covered now. My main sites are about the tools engineers use to design the cool gadgets people like to blog about. So far, Yahoo and Chitika don't seem to be able to deliver the right ads for my industry.

Over the weekend I spotted Jennifer's post about Yahoo launching their direct deposit program and another post about the cool scrolling ad units from Quigo AdSonar. It seems like Jennifer is back in the game. Maybe its just my imagination, but until recently, Jennifer wasn't posting as much as she was before she took the gig at Search Engine Watch. BTW, there's even a photo of her on the JenSense home page. I always wondered if Jen was young or old — she's young and pretty (ow, that was my wife smacking my head).