Blogging to Infinity and Beyond

Darren over on ProBlogger is asking bloggers what they would do differently if they had to start over again. The title of my post says it all for me, "Blogging to Infinity and Beyond." No, I don't mean I would start a blog about Buzz Lightyear or about space or about numbers. To me, the phrase "blogging to infinity and beyond" is about having fun. That's what blogging should be about — having fun.

When I started blogging, I focused too much on making money instead of having fun. As a result, posting was work for me. It wasn't something I looked forward to doing. I use to post several times a week on this blog. Now its just once a week. However, now that I have gone through this little exercise, I know what I'm doing wrong and this is something that I can easily correct. I just need to let the kid in me out and see where that takes me.

One of the nice things about a personal blog is that it's relatively easy to start over (compare to a business blog or site). After all, I am the boss. Why limit the content of my blog to just one area when there's a whole world of things I can blog about? Why should blogging be work when it can be fun?

That's it. That's what I would do if I had to start my blog over. I would blog to infinity and beyond.

16 thoughts on “Blogging to Infinity and Beyond

  1. Blogging should always be fun. If money takes over, then there's little or no point. What are you going to post about then? Mesothelioma?

  2. I couldn't agree more. Unless your a business, its much easier to make changes. And, blog about what ever you want. It should be fun. Heck, if it isn't fun then why are you doing it? Great post Ken.

  3. Hey great point about personal blogs being easier to start over, I guess it all depends how much personal branding you've already invested with page rank, links, subscribers etc.

    Despite these things you can have fun, you can make changes, you can improve your writing, and (apparently!) you can earn money too! You're the boss!

  4. I like your point about having fun versus it being work. Maybe that's why I don't want a niche quite yet…i'd be boxed in and that wouldn't be fun for me! Enjoyed your post. I came over from problogger. Best to you.

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