Windows Live Toolbar 3.0


Me: Are you Superman?

Supperman: No, I am Supperman. I deliver pizza for the Pizza for Supper Restaurant down the street.

Me: I didn't order a pizza. What are you doing here?

Supperman: I came here to tell you Microsoft has just released their new Windows Live Toolbar. It replaces the MSN toolbar no one uses we all love so much. You can download it here.

Me: Is it any good?

Supperman: I have not had time to really play with it yet, but I like the browser tabs. I also like the Onfolio add-in. Onfolio lets me set up my RSS feeds on the left side of the browser.

Me: Anything else you like?

Supperman: I also like the Smart Type feature. With Smart Type, the toolbar will display a list of popular search terms related to what I am typing into the toolbar search box.

Me: Anything else you want to add?

Supperman: Like I said before, I have not had time to really play with it yet. But you can read more about the new toolbar here.

Me: You know you shouldn't wear those tights in public. People will think you are crazy.

Superman: At least I'm not talking to an imaginary person who looks like Superman but calls himself Supperman.

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