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Timecapsule Review

Aaron Brazell plugged his Timecapsule WordPress Plugin on the ProBlogger site today. Its a nice plugin for promoting old posts and it was easy to install. If you have a new site, like this site, you are better off using the related posts plugin. There's probably a plugin for recent posts too, but I've only used the related posts plugin.

Now, back to Timecapsule. Like I said its a nice way to promote old posts. I did have a problem. I changed the maximum posts to display to two posts, but the plugin showed all four posts for a particular date. IE cache problem? Maybe, but I hit reload several times with the same results (even shift-reload). I launched FireFox and Opera. Still showed four posts instead of two. I changed the max posts to display to one, three, four, and five. The browser still showed all four posts. It must be me, because I don't hear anyone else with this problem. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I tried it with both the WP default and classic themes. And yes, I did click on the "update options" button.

Here are a couple of other suggestions for the plugin:

  1. Give users the option to specify a message when there are no posts to display. Currently its "I was obviously slacking 'cause I didn't write anything this day. :-(" I think its funny, but new visitors to the site might wonder why there's a message about slacking off on a particular date. I know I can go into the php file and change it myself, but some users don't want to play with the code thingy.
  2. Give users the option of not displaying anything at all when there's nothing to display. Or to display posts on the nearest date. So basically, users will have the option to display their own text, nothing, or nearest date when there are no posts to displayed.

I like Aaron's plugin and would use it if my site wasn't new.